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Privacy Policy

UDAWWA User Privacy Notice

Effective from: 25 May 2024


  1. Scope and Consent

This Privacy Notice outlines:

  • The personal information we collect and its usage
  • Circumstances under which we may disclose your personal information
  • Measures we take to safeguard and protect your personal information

It applies to both this Site and any Services where this Privacy Notice is referenced. By utilizing our Services and/or registering for an account, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Notice and our Terms and Conditions. Failure to provide required information may limit our ability to offer our full range of Services.

UDAWWA is accountable for collecting, utilizing, disclosing, retaining, and safeguarding your personal information according to our privacy standards and applicable national laws. We may transfer data to Related Companies, as explained in this Privacy Notice, who may process and store your personal information on servers located worldwide. When disclosing your information to overseas third parties or storing it on overseas servers, we take reasonable steps to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

What Constitutes Personal Information? ‘Personal information’ refers to data or opinions about an identified individual or someone who can reasonably be identified, directly or when combined with other accessible information we have or are likely to have. This excludes de-identified, anonymous, or aggregated information no longer capable of identifying a specific person.

Public Information Public information encompasses any data, including personal information, shared with a public audience or published on our Site. Such information is accessible to anyone, both on and off our Services, and may be viewed or retrieved via online search engines, APIs, and offline media.

Changes to this Privacy Notice We retain the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time by posting updated terms & Conditions on the Site. These updates become effective 10 days post their publication. Material changes to this Privacy Notice may be announced on our Site and/or via email.

  1. Collection

We gather information you provide, including:

  • During account registration: Name, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, or user ID
  • During account verification: Information to authenticate or verify your account
  • During Service usage: Posting ads, replying to ads, or engaging in communication with us or other users
  • Through community engagement: Participation in web forms, community discussions, or chats
  • Interaction with your account: Updating or adding information, saving searches, or setting alerts
  • When contacting us: Via web forms, chat, dispute resolution, or other communication channels

We also automatically collect information such as:

  • Device-related data when interacting with our Services
  • Location information
  • Computer and connection data like page views, traffic, IP address, and browsing history

Additionally, we obtain information from:

  • Our Related Companies for value-added services and targeted marketing
  • Third parties for supplementing account information, subject to applicable national laws
  • Social media sites when you register or share information, per their privacy settings and permissions
  • Other users who provide information about you, with your explicit consent
  1. Use and Retention

We utilize your personal information to provide, enhance, and tailor our Services. This enables us to:

  • Offer access and usage of our Services, including historical data and features
  • Provide personalized site content, credit offers, and opportunities
  • Customize, measure, and enhance Services, and those of our Related Companies
  • Deliver targeted marketing, promotions, and service updates
  • Contact you for account-related matters, customer support, or legal compliance purposes

We retain personal information for operational purposes while your account is active. Closed account data may be retained to comply with national laws, prevent fraud, collect owed fees, aid investigations, or enforce Terms and Conditions.

  1. Choice

Marketing Communications: Opt-out options are available via email or communication preference settings in user profiles.

Push Notifications: Users may opt-in/out via device settings or account preferences.

  1. Access

You can view, review, and modify personal information through your account. Public postings may not be editable or removable post-publishing. Account closure requests result in personal information removal, subject to account activity and national laws.

  1. Disclosure

We may disclose your information to law enforcement or other parties for legal compliance, including criminal investigations, fraud detection, or enforcement of Terms & Conditions.

  1. Security

Technical and administrative measures are employed to safeguard your information. This includes firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls, and information authorization. Suspected account abuse should be reported to us.

  1. Important Information
  • Social Login: Account access may vary based on login methods.
  • Unwanted/Threatening Email: Abuse of Services is prohibited, and users are urged to report spam or spoof emails.
  • Third Party Privacy Practices: Disclosed information is subject to third party privacy policies and practices.
  1. Questions or Complaints

For inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Notice or our practices, please contact our help desk.


Cookies Policy


When you engage with our websites, services, applications, tools, or messaging, we or our authorized service providers may employ cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to store information. This assists in providing you with a smoother, faster, and safer experience, aids in advertising, and helps recognize you across different devices. This page aims to elucidate these technologies and their usage on our platforms. Below are key points regarding our use of such technologies:

Our cookies and similar tools serve various functions, from essential service operation to performance enhancement, providing additional features, and facilitating targeted advertising. These technologies may either remain active for the duration of your browser session (session cookies) or persist on your device between sessions (persistent cookies). You have the liberty to block, delete, or disable these technologies as per your device’s settings. Management of cookies and preferences can typically be done through your browser or device settings.

To prevent unauthorized access to our cookies and similar technologies, we implement security measures, including assigning a unique identifier to ensure that only we and/or our authorized service providers can access cookie data.

Service providers, assisting in site operations, services, applications, advertisements, and tools, may place cookies on your device to deliver relevant ads across our services and the internet. These providers may collect device information, such as IP addresses, to identify your device.

Definition of Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies:

These are small data files stored on your device, allowing us to record information when you interact with our platforms. Cookies may vary in type and purpose, including session cookies that expire at the end of your browsing session and persistent cookies that persist between sessions. Additionally, first-party cookies are set by the visited site, while third-party cookies originate from separate sites. Similar technologies encompass various methods for storing information, such as flash cookies and HTML 5 cookies.

Your Choice and Our Usage of Cookies:

While certain site features, services, applications, and tools require the use of cookies, you have the option to block, delete, or disable them. However, declining these technologies may limit access to certain features and require more frequent password re-entry during browsing sessions.

Use of Cookies by Third-Party Service Providers:

We collaborate with authorized third-party service providers, who may employ cookies and similar technologies for content delivery, advertising, and analytics. These providers adhere to confidentiality agreements and legal restrictions on the use of personal information.

Ad Networks and Exchanges:

Third-party advertising networks and exchanges may utilize cookies and similar technologies to deliver targeted advertisements. Information collected by these parties, such as device identifiers and IP addresses, may be used to enhance advertising relevance.

In summary, apart from authorized third-party service providers, we do not permit third-party content on our sites to utilize tracking technologies for personal information collection or tracking purposes.